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Furnace Tune up is one of the most necessary preparation before the cold weather sets in for the winter season. It is always best to get your furnace serviced before the winter season sets in to avoid any problems.

A 10-Step procedure to professionally clean Forced Air Furnace:

  •     Turn the circuit breaker off to the forced air system. The home electrical box should have the circuit breaker clearly marked.
  •     Locate the access door to the blower compartment area. It is usually located at the front of the forced air heating unit.
  •     Lift up on the door panel, and remove it from the unit. Some model may have two screws located at the top of the door panel.
  •     Remove the air filter from the unit and if possible cleans it out.
  •     Use a vacuum to vacuum out the blower compartment area.
  •     Inspect the motor to see if there are two oiling ports. If required, check the oil level.
  •     If any, inspect the belt and look for cracks, splits or any other type of excessive wear.
  •     Clean out the burners and heat exchanger.
  •     Clean up the air conditioning coils on top of the furnace.
  •     Insert a air filter. Install the door panel back onto the unit, and secure it with the retaining screws if equipped.
  •     Turn the circuit breaker back on to the forced air system.

Upon our FREE inspection of the FURNACE BLOWER & the AC COILS, should they be dirty our rate to clean them is:

1. Furnace, Blower Fan & Compartment $69 + HST

2. AC Coil Cleaning (dry) is $59 + HST (

NOTE: If you have a maintenance plan, check with your service provider if the cleaning of these components is included, if it is – please ensure your service provider cleans these components, immediately after our service is performed